Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Traditionally, the word “market” refers to the place where buyers and sellers meet for the exchange of goods and services. The market is the most common term known to all but depends on the quantity of goods held by the wholesale and retail markets.

In the modern concept, the word “market” has a broader meaning. This refers to the set/collection of actual or potential buyers of products and services.

There are different categories of marketing, but there are two main areas, first in traditional marketing and so on, digital marketing. In this article, we will discuss these methods in detail.

Internet Marketing

01) Traditional market

Traditional marketing refers to all types of campaigns, advertisements or advertisements, commonly used by companies/business units for a long time and proven successful.

In ancient times, marketing was defined as the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers. It’s a marketing-oriented sense of products. The producer focuses on the products they can do, and the needs of consumers are not included in the consideration.

Techniques for traditional techniques include printed advertisements, such as newsletters, billboards, newspaper advertisements. Other forms are televisions, advertisements, broadcast advertising on the product or service of any business.

The Need for Digital Marketing

As technology grows, we need to change everything. Digital marketing is part of computerization. Talk about 20 years ago, no computers, no cell phones, and no internet connection. But as technology grows, after a while, mobile phones and computers are introduced into human life. After a long time, Internet facilities were introduced, causing the digital revolution. Examples of digital marketing are websites, social media, emails are common. Digital marketing is similar to the traditional one but using digital devices and information technology. It is faster, reliable and easy to find means and therefore accepted around the world.


Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to online marketing, such as search engines, websites, social media, and emails. Digital marketing is sometimes called online marketing or internet.

There are various reasons for the growth of digital marketing.

1) Digital marketing technology is more profitable than a traditional concept.

2) Digital process faster than old, resulting in an outcome orientation.

3) Each natural person/company follows its performances.

4) All processes are reliable, generating better profits.

5) Digital media facilitate contact with the target audience.

However, there are many factors that affect the company’s Ability to strengthen and maintain effective transactions and relationships with its target buyers. Generally, there are two types of the environment within an organization. One is stable, does not change with time and changes are common. Second, the dynamic field changes according to demand.

To succeed, this can be old or new, be careful to choose the right buyers, create the audience and develop a greater value of the service/product.

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